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Branding for SMEs: a practical guide

Brand strategy can be challenging for SMEs, especially when most of the guidance and examples come from large companies with significant budgets that are impossible for you to replicate. However, if you follow some basic principles, it is relatively simple to develop a brand that can transform the performance of your business.


We've put this little guide together to help you do just that. It's based on the most common questions we get from SMEs and business owners and draws on our experience of advising brands all over the world, from multi-national corporations to ambitious start-ups. We’ve taken our learnings and broken them down into bite sized pieces of advice that are practical and useful.

We've also included a few short case studies and some information about our acclaimed SME Brand Workshops, which have helped many of the UK's most dynamic businesses to create brands that drive real commercial benefits.

We hope you find it useful

Andy Wheatley, Head of Brand

GHW&Co Consulting

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